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Practical issues

Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology, Life Science Buildig, University of Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.


Postgraduate students and post-docs are encouraged to give a 10 min talk followed by 5 min discussion.

Presentations can be delivered in the following formats:

  • MS PowerPoint (Office 2003, Office XP)
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress
  • Adobe pdf
Please note we cannot support Macintosh file formats.

Registration Fee

The workshop registration fee is 5000 HUF. The fee must be paid upon arrival at the registration. It covers the abstract booklets and the coffee breaks.
1 EUR ~ 300 HUF


Lunch and dinner will be hosted in a restaurant situated near the conference building. All meal (2 lunch, 2 dinner+some wine) will cost 10.000 HUF.
Lunch: 2000 HUF / meal
Dinner+wine: 3000 HUF / meal
The meal fee must be paid upon arrival at the registration.

Social Events

To facilitate scientific discussion we have booked a nearby bar where participants can have conversation along a drink.


2014.02.09 (Sunday)

Hortobágy is an 800 km² national park in Eastern Hungary, rich with folklore and cultural history. The park, a part of the Alföld (Great Plain), was designated as a national park in 1973 (the first in Hungary), and elected among the World Heritage sites in 1999. The Hortobágy is Hungary's largest protected area, and the largest semi-natural grassland in Europe.

Hortobágy Great fishponds is the greatest bird habitat in Central Europe. The nesting and migrating birds of Hortobágy Great-Fishponds are particular valuable. In the last 40 years nearly 300 bird species have been observed here. This made that area one of the well known habitat for birds.

We will watch migrating wild goose and ducks.
We will go by train at 8-9 a.m. and return to Debrecen at 3-4 p.m.

Excursion fee: you have to pay only for the train ticket fee: (~ 2000 HUF).
You should bring: warm clothes, binoculars, spotting scope, beverages and some sandwiches :)

Tour guide: Dr Zsolt Végvári


There are many hotels and hostels in Debrecen. However, we encourage participants to make reservations in the following comfortable and cheap hotels:

HOTELS (distance order)

(15 minutes by walk)
Hotel Nádix ***

(29 minutes by walk)
Némethy Panzió

(29 minutes by walk)
Hotel Óbester ****

(30 minutes by walk)
Péterfia Panzió

(33 minutes by walk)
Hotel Lycium ****

Cheap Hostels (distance order by walk)
There are limited rooms in student hostels:

(3 minutes by walk)
Kossuth Kollégiumok (max 15 guests):
~ 5400-7000 HUF

(25 minutes by walk)
Tisza István Kollégium (max 11 guests):
~ 3000-4000 HUF

(25 minutes by walk)
Márton Áron Kollégium (max 8 guests):
~ 2100-3000 HUF


Debrecen is situated in East Hungary which can be reached by car, train. There are hourly trains from Budapest (capital of Hungary).
Train information:


Practical issues